Jewellery Range

At Ye Green Men we started out making jewellery and it is something we continue to love making today.

Here are some examples of what we have made in the past although remember this is a just a tiny amount of our range.

(click on the pictures for a larger image)


Pendants are one of biggest sellers whether they contain the most beautiful dichroic glass, cabochon pendents framed in a metal border or a more simple design with images of skulls or dandelions we have a huge range and so there is something to suit everyone.

Prices range from £10.00 to £25.00



We only use sterling silver findings with our earrings, our most popular range are the dichroic studs which just convey SO many different colours.

Prices from between £10.00 – £15.00


We are slightly sentimental about cufflinks because this is how Ye Green Men started as we wanted to make some cufflinks for ourselves and then the business grew from that.

We have two types of cufflinks we normally use, a sterling silver chain fastening or a non silver bar fastening. We have made cufflinks for weddings, corporate events and so many friends and family.

Prices range from between £15.00 – £20.00


Our rings are fun, they are normally made from beautiful dichroic glass but our very popular rainbow versions are made from 7 tiny strips of opaque colours to form a unique hand piece

Prices £6.00